Event Questions

Who can attend the Safelite Challenge?
The Safelite Challenge is open to Safelite associates, friends & family, suppliers, and clients.

Is there a fundraising minimum?
Yes (although we really want people to try and raise as much money as possible for our charity!) There are 2 fundraising levels:

  • Shared Package (accomodations in a shared hotel room) - $500
  • Full Package (accomodations in a private hotel room) - $1000

Can I change from a shared package to full package (or full to shared)?
Yes, you can update your registration until March 21st. Login to your profile and select "Edit registration information". After March 21st, please send an email to SafeliteChallenge@safelite.com to request changes; due to our contract with the hotel and hotel availability, we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Can I sign up for the shared package if I don't have a roommate yet?
Sure, you can come back later and add a roommate. If you complete your registration without including a roommate's name, we will contact you about finding a roommate. Prior to the event, we will do our best to match participants in need of roommates.

What is a Virtual Participant and how can I be one?
A Virtual Participant (VP) is anyone who wants to participate, but, for whatever reason, is not able to make it to Las Vegas. The VP simply registers for the event as a Virtual Participant, agrees to raise at least $25. VPs will get a T-Shirt and be eligible for some fun prizes.

How do I register if I am a partner?
During the registration process, select "Safelite Partner".

Can I bring a guest to the Safelite Challenge?
Yes! If your guest would like to participate in any of the events (5k Run, Fun Walk, 10k Run, Triathlon, or Duathlon), they must register as a participant. If your guest is not participating, there is a $100 charge to cover our costs for your guest for the entire weekend.

Can I be a Virtual Participant and support other participants?
Absolutely. All you have to do is register as a Virtual Participant. You can visit anyone's donation page and donate there as well.

What if I have registered to attend the event in Las Vegas, but am unable to attend?
We incur costs associated with the number of participants, so we need to know as soon as possible if you cannot attend. In any event we must know by March 6, 2020. Any money raised by you can be distributed to any participant you like. If you cancel AFTER March 6, 2020, you will be required to meet your fundraising minimum commitment.

What do I get as part of my registration?
All registrants receive:

  • 2020 Safelite Challenge SWAG
  • RAGE Race entry and shirt - for 5k, 10k, triathlon or duathlon registrations
  • Equipment rental (bicycle and wetsuit).
  • Kick-off reception on Friday evening
  • Pre-race bagged breakfast (banana, granola bar, water) and Post-race brunch on Saturday - for 5k, 10k, triathlon or duathlon participants
  • Celebration/awards dinner Saturday evening
  • Hotel accommodations for 2 nights at Westin Lake Las Vegas (Friday and Saturday)
  • Transportation from airport to hotel on Friday
  • Transportation from hotel to airport on Sunday

What do I pay for?
Participants are responsible for their own transportation/travel to and from Las Vegas. Additionally, you are responsible for expenses such as:

  • Charges to your hotel room for incidentals
  • Meals on Friday and Sunday
  • Beverages (including alcohol) outside of provided meals
  • $100 per non-participating guest for events, transportation
  • Fundraising shortfall
  • Transportation to/from Las Vegas strip
  • The Safelite Challenge will reimburse up to $500 for airfare to associates that raise over $2500.

What will you use my credit card for?
Your credit card will only be used after June 30th in the event that you have not met your fundraising commitment. We will contact you prior to charging your credit card to determine if you would like to make other arrangements. When you arrive at the hotel, you will be asked for a credit/debit card (or cash deposit) for any incidentals charged to your room; we will not provide any credit card information to the hotel or use it for any other reasons.

What transportation will be provided?
Transportation will be provided on Friday, April 3, from the airport to the hotel, and on Sunday, April 5, from the hotel back the airport. On Saturday, April 4, 5k, 10k, triathlon and duathlon participants and their guests will be provided transportation from the hotel to the race and back to the hotel.

I don't have my flights booked yet, can I still register?
Yes, please register so that we can make sure we have enough hotel rooms reserved! You will be able to return to the registration site to add your flight details


How do I meet my fundraising commitment?
After registering, you will have the option to set up a fundraising page that you can share with friends and family to allow them to make donations via credit card. Studies show that if you personalize your fundraising page with your "story", the reason you are participating, photos, etc., you are likely to receive more donations! Use social media to share a link to your fundraising page. Remember to include information about Afrika Tikkun. Also, you can consider hosting fundraising events in your location to help meet the commitment - associates have used bake sales, 50/50 raffles, etc. to help raise funds.

Can I make a donation through a payroll deduction?
Yes! This year, we are making payroll deduction available to all Safelite associates. The deadline for submitting payroll deduction requests is April 1, 2020. Download and complete the Payroll Deduction Form then fax it to (614) 210-9374 or email it to SafeliteChallenge@safelite.com. The form provides the option to distribute your donation among participants. Additionally, participants will have the option at the event check in to complete their fundraising using payroll deduction.

How long do I have to meet the fundraising commitment?
Everyone who registers and attends the event commits to raising their minimum fundraising amount ($500 or $1000). When you register, you will be required to provide a credit card which will not be charged at that time. On June 30th, we will check your fundraising progress, and if the minimum has not been met, you will have to pay the difference. You will be able to complete the final fundraising via your credit card.

What if someone wants to donate by check?
Checks should be made payable to Safelite AutoGlass Foundation, with Safelite Challenge in the memo. Please send the check to Safelite AutoGlass, Attn: Jenny Kipker, 7400 Safelite Way, Columbus, OH 43235. Once received, we will update your fundraising page to indicate offline donations. Any offline donations will count toward your fundraising commitment, but you will need to make certain that the offline donation was received prior to the event. You may also turn in checks at event registration.

What organization does this event support?
The Safelite AutoGlass Foundation is sponsoring the Safelite Challenge, supporting the Belron global charity, Afrika Tikkun. More information can be found at www.afrikatikkun.org.

What is Afrika Tikkun?
For the past 25 years, Afrika Tikkun has implemented cradle to career development programs to support children and their families from infancy into adulthood and employment to ensure that they become the next generation of productive South African citizens. How? With three core programs (Early Childhood Development, Child and Youth Development and Youth Skills Development and Placement), the eight Afrika Tikkun centres are located in the very communities where these vulnerable families live in the Johannesburg and Cape Town areas of South Africa. Why South Africa? Belron's founders began there more than 100 years ago, and have committed to giving back to that community, because it's the right thing to do.

How can I share my fundraising page on Facebook or Twitter?
Log in to your profile and click on the appropriate icons located below your fundraising goal amount. This will direct you to login to Facebook/Twitter (if not logged in already) and you will be able to add a link to your fundraising page in Facebook/Twitter.

We are asking local stores or vendors to donate goods or services to an auction or charity sale for my location, do we have a receipt to provide them for those donations?
Yes! We have a Receipt for In-Kind Donations to give to the companies or individuals that are donating items or services that you are using to raise money. We also have a Purchase or Auction Receipt for anyone that purchases or wins those donated items in an auction or charity sales. We also have a Receipt for Cash Donations. Make sure to send a copy of those receipts to SafeliteChallenge@safelite.com for our records. If you need proof of charitable organization status for the Safelite AutoGlass Foundation, please email us so that we can provide that to you.

5k Run, 5k Fun walk, 10k Run, Triathlon and Duathlon

Can I change from my event?
Yes, you can update your event until March 21st. Log in to your profile and select "Edit registration information". After March 21st, please send an email to SafeliteChallenge@safelite.com to request changes. While we will try to accommodate all requests, we maybe restricted by equipment rental needs. All requests for the 5K event will be accommodated.

What kind of equipment rentals are available?
For those swimming and in need of a wetsuit, we rent wetsuits. For those who are cycling, we rent bicycles. If you have pedals, please bring them. We also encourage you to bring your own helmet. The bike vendor has helmets, but the quantity and sizes are limited. If you indicated on your registration that you need equipment, someone will contact you for required details.

If I am swimming, do I need a wetsuit?
Yes. Lake Mead water temperatures have consistently been in the low 60's, so a wetsuit is required.

Can I bring my own bicycle?
Yes, you are able to bring your bicycle at your own expense. When you register, please indicate that you will be bringing your own bike. When you check in at the event, please notify us so that we can provide details for transporting your bike to the event venue.

I am not a competitive athlete. Is that ok?
Absolutely. In fact, most participants are NOT competitive athletes, but simply choose to support our event by raising money for Afrika Tikkun and having a lot of fun. That is also why we offer a 5K fun walk at the event, and why we offer a "Virtual Participation" option. This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and get fit with no pressure other than to HAVE FUN while supporting a great cause!

What can you tell me about the race?
Safelite participates in the RAGE Triathlon. The race takes place in beautiful Lake Mead National Recreation Area. There is a 5k Run/Fun Walk (3.1 miles); There is also a 10k Run (6.2 miles); There is also a "Sprint Triathlon" - individual or team relay, which consists of a 750 meter swim, followed by a 12.4 mile bike, followed by a 5k (3.1 mile) run. We also participate in a Duathlon - individual or team relay, which consists of a 5k run (3.1 miles), followed by a 12.4 mile bike, followed by a second 5k (3.1 miles) run. When viewing the course descriptions, be sure to look for "Sprint Courses" and "Duathlon". There is also an Olympic Distance race, but we are NOT participating in the Olympic race. Visit the RAGE Triathlon website for more details about the event. Do not complete the registration on that site.

Can my guest sign up for the 5k or 10k when we arrive in Las Vegas?
No. We must provide event registration information to a 3rd party prior to the event so we are unable to take last minute registrations.

Can I listen to music on the course?
No. Because of safety concerns, the event organizer, BBSC, prohibits headphones or personal audio devices.

I'd like to participate as part of a relay team, but I don't have teammates identified.
During registration, sign up for the event/distance you are interested in but leave the team information blank. Do your best to recruit teammates! However, if you cannot, we will help match teammates based on the requested event/distance.

What if my teammate drops out/can't attend?
Please notify us as soon as possible so that we can help match teammates based on the requested event/distance.

How many team members do I need?
You can register as a team with 2 or 3 participants.

Can 2 teams share the same swimmer?
Yes. The swimmer will wear and hand off 2 separate timing chips. You can also ask someone who is competing in the Individual Sprint Triathlon to be the swim-leg of your relay team. Again, he/she will have to exchange the timing chip with the cyclist after completing the swim.

What can my family/guests do while I compete in the event?
Guests may choose to register to participate in an event or to come to the event venue and cheer you and your co-workers on. Those that want to participate in an event must register prior to arriving in Las Vegas and commit to the fundraising minimum. Transportation to/from the event is available to guests. Additionally, the hotel has a great pool and spa l if they need a little relaxation. There is also paddle boarding, ping pong and other fun activities.

Will recovery refreshments be available at the finish line?
There will be water and Gatorade available on the course as well as at the finish line. Additionally there is limited food (and beer!) available to participants only at the finish line.

General questions

Can I win any awards?
All finishers of the 5k Run, Fun Walk, 10k Run, Triathlon and Duathlon receive a finisher's medal from the BBSC Rage event AND from the Safelite Challenge. Additionally, at the Saturday evening awards dinner, Safelite will announce awards for performance in these categories:

  • 1st Place: Individual Male and Female Triathlon
  • 1st Place: Individual Male and Female Duathlon
  • 1st Place: Team Triathlon
  • 1st Place: Team Duathlon
  • Department awards are also issued for fundraising for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

What is this I hear about London?
Belron hosts the Spirit of Belron Challenge in September at Dorney Lake, Windsor, UK. Safelite sends a delegation to participate in this event and, while this is a fundraising event for Belron, Safelite participants are not required to raise additional funds. Check out Spirit of Belron Challenge.

How can I qualify to go to London?
The Challenge has been the qualifying event for Safelite associate participants to qualify for the Spirit of Belron Challenge held in September at Dorney Lake, Windsor, UK. The following categories win a spot on the U.S. Team:

  • Fastest Male and Female Individual Triathlon
  • Fastest Male and Female: Swimmer, Cyclist, Runner
  • Top 3 Individual Fundraisers
  • Raffle: For every $750 you raise (by April 3rd) your name will be entered into a raffle to win 1 of 4 trips to the UK for the 2020 Spirit Belron Challenge. The raffle is only open to Safelite Associates.
  • Qualifiers are provided coach airfare from the US to London; accommodations; event entry, equipment rental and the awards dinner. Qualifiers are allowed to take a guest(s) at their own expense.

Please send all other questions/communications to SafeliteChallenge@safelite.com