Field Support Team

Team Captain: Robyn Moore




We are the Field Support Team and we are so excited to be raising funds for Afrika Tikkun. We've heard so many stories of the children's lives who have been so positively impacted and want to do our small part to bring happiness to them. Our team has several members who have been supporters of the Safelite Challenge and they have pumped us up for the fun ahead.

We have several experienes we want to share with you. Opened to all current Safelite Associates. Each raffle ticket is $5.
After clicking on the Donate button, you will need to fill out the Recognition Name - this is the name that will go on the ticket. In the Message portion, please mention which reason you're filling it out (for example: Fine Dining with Feeney).

Click on these links to get more details:

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Robyn Moore (

Thanks so much!

Our Donations

03/14/2020 Jeanette Corpus $5
03/13/2020 Orange Theory $120
03/13/2020 Kathy Domer $25
03/12/2020 Lindsey McDonough $25
03/12/2020 Caitlin Ulrich $25
03/09/2020 Katie Feeney $25
03/09/2020 Brandon Ames $5
03/07/2020 eddy duroseau $10
03/06/2020 Kathy Domer $50
03/06/2020 Mike Jalbert $25
03/06/2020 Isaiah Viera $20
03/06/2020 Amy Bamford $50
03/06/2020 Peter Hicks $150
03/06/2020 Julie Blust $10
03/06/2020 Pat Feeney $50
03/05/2020 Brad Ellington $100
03/04/2020 Kristen McLane $25
03/02/2020 Tony Day $5
03/02/2020 Tony Day $5
02/28/2020 Boston South $5
02/10/2020 Montooth Family $75