Team DFW

Team Captain: Rich McHenry



We've registered to participate in the 11th annual Safelite Challenge! Funds raised this year will be donated to the Belron global charity, Afrika Tikkun.

What is Afrika Tikkun? For the past 25 years, Afrika Tikkun has implemented cradle to career development programs to support children and their families from infancy into adulthood and employment to ensure that they become the next generation of productive South African citizens.

Help us support this cause by making a donation today! Together we can help lift up these vulnerable families!

To learn more about Afrika Tikkun, click here. To register for the Safelite Challenge, click here.

Donate today to get our fundraising started!

Our Donations

05/20/2020 Team Tyler $45
04/15/2020 Store 6504 $115
03/17/2020 Team Arlington Kickoff $450
03/17/2020 team 4540 $425
03/16/2020 Team Plano Kickoff $175
03/12/2020 Team plano- Kickoff $270
03/12/2020 Team Bossier--Kick Off $35
03/12/2020 Team Texarkana--Kick Off $100
03/12/2020 Team Tyler--Kick Off $625
03/05/2020 Team Lewisville $108
02/27/2020 Greenville TX $161
02/26/2020 team plano $190
02/26/2020 Texarkana $50
02/26/2020 Team Tyler $180